Spring 2013

The spring has been one of the driest seeming springs in the NW…maybe not on record but we have had a number of t-shirt/shorts/”flippers” sort of days. We have soaked up every bit of free time we have had!   We have been busy working on the jungle yard, retaining wall, fence building, enjoying company, a little mini vacation, bikes-of all sorts, hikes, boating, etc.  This is shaping up to be a fantastic summer!

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It has been a while…not much new here.  work and play.  The colors of the NW are changing…more than just green is now all around…pink and white sidewalks and roads, daffodil and tulips are blooming, and a host of other plants we still don’t know.  Our jungle backyard is now in full bloom.  We have actually mowed the lawn a few times already!  Crazy I know!  Our bikes have been out for a spin, the days are longer, and more fun is to be had. 

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Where have you been

Sorry guys…here are some random pictures!


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There is nothing like getting in a car and exploring with the ones you love…. seeing, playing, exploring, growing….

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Water…who doesn’t love the stuff.  We even make/made a living working with the stuff.  Get out of the pool is very common in our world….even for the new one.

Stumbled upon this….hmmmm   wonder if we can do that with the whales and seals??

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Seasons Change

Oh boy, it has been another lapse on our parts.  The world turns and the seasons change.  The leaves have changed and litter the trails, and the sky produces rain and snow.  We continue to work and play.  Enjoy the pictures of our last few weeks….a little of everything. 

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Neighborhood fun!

We have been doing a bit of exploring on foot lately from our house.  We have found all new routes, new people, new cut-offs, etc.  Recently we went right instead of our usual left and stumbled into a park and onto a smooth trail with stations.  Remember the “old school” fitness trails/parcoursesour from the 70s and 80s.  Well, we have one pretty close to our house!  Tabby thought i was nuts when i was stretching, jumping, running through tires, doing push-ups, pull-ups (well trying), and attempting to get to the monkey bars that are 10′ high (no joke).  But she was very happy to participate in the balance beam sections!  And the running!  A rather fun hour of adventure! =)

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