Snow…Ice…Falling Trees…4 Cold Days

Our beautiful, peaceful snow day was followed by a day of ice.  We were awakened early in the morning with a crash…after a few minutes be figured out what it might be.  A quick dress to jump outside to investigate showed us tree limbs on our shed.  As we stood there for 4 minutes we witnesses another 5 tree tops breaking.  The trees were covered with an inch of ice all the way around.  A beautiful sight….and eerie sound.  Trees continued to fall leaving many people without power.  The first few nights without power were like camping…a little fun.  Warm clothes, extra blankets, headlamps, and hats came out every night.  One night we watched a movie on our laptop while laying in bed, we read by the fire another night, visited family another, we started a fire to only raise the temperature 3 degrees!  After seeing our breathe in the house the next evening we tried using the fireplace fan…well without power that took some creative thinking…hmmm…there is a power inverter in the Carat VW!  Yup…we hocked up the van to the fireplace fan!  It worked but only raised the temp 5 degrees!  Last night we watched a movie sitting in the van as it was warmer then our house…and tonight we are happy to say our temperature is back, the hot water is back, and we are happy to once again enjoy the comforts of our home!!!  It was fun “camping” but we (and our friends and co-workers) are happy that we have a warm shower and heat!


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