hello, hello?!

Hello all, (three or so of you)          🙂
It was just brought to our attention that we are SLACKERS….yep that is right SLACKERS.  It has been since January that we wrote last.  Well a quick recap…work, ski, work, ride, work, ski, ride, paint, ski, ride, work!  I think that about sums it up!  🙂    Okay really, in February, three dogs and lisl’s parents came to see us!  We enjoyed a few weeks of company.  It was so nice to be greeted each day with hugs and wagging tails!  Boy do we miss them all.  They helped out so much with everything…house work, domestic, and fun!  Not a lot of sight seeing this time, but a lot of skills learned and new colors to the house!  THANK YOU!   
Work has kept us busy, but not too busy.  We have still enjoyed the local day trips spend skiing, biking, hiking, exploring, etc.  As the weather gets nicer we are spending more time on our bikes!  It is so nice to enjoy a BBQ on our deck, mow the lawn, spend the day sweating working your way up a nice climb and zooming down the trail on a nice afternoon ride, crisp mornings along the river on a road ride, the smell of a 2-storke in the woods, and planning where our next adventure rides will be. 
Guess I had better get back outside.  We’ll post some pictures and more posts soon.
Hope the sun is shining on all of you!  Enjoy the spring!
take care,
k & l

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