Winter fun

We hope everyone enjoyed the holidays and are now enjoying and creating new adventures for the start of their year!  It is amazing how fast time goes by!  We have been enjoying our adventures of mountain biking in the mud, road riding on the dead slippery leaves that still cover the trails, skiing (although only a few days of fresh snow), and have continued to plug away at things at home.  We have recently decided to venture to our yard where there are hundred and hundreds of unidentified dead or overgrown species of plants.  We have successfully identified hmmm…..maybe 5.  Chives anyone?  We found 5 chive plants in a 2′ by 4′ section of the yard.  Our plan is for a simple, multi-height, year around yard.  Some of our evenings have also included riding inside on a trainer and more recently jumping stairs!  Lisl currenly hold the record for how long to ride a trainer inside….45 minutes wins now.  We can ride for hours but there is something about riding a road bike (any form of action) and remaining in the same place.  Thank goodness for movies to keep us going!  The nice thing is we are warm and dry and not too likely to fall off!  Skiing in WA this year sounds like many other places.  Not a whole lot of snow, but we are happy that the areas opened.  A few years ago…either 2005 or 2006, the ski areas opened for a handful of days…so we are happy to be skiing.  Enjoy your early year adventures!

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