Happy Holidays

Hello to all….well maybe the few that read this!
Happy Holidays!.  We hope that you all had a great 2009.  We have found this year, like most, to go by quickly.  Our lives didn’t change too drastically much this year.  We continue to work, play, and explore.  We were able to travel to one of our favorite places as well as numerous new, see Grandma Marie turn 100, go to a water park which neither of us had been to in about 15 years!!  Spend numerous days on skis, hikes, and bikes.  We were fortunate to have a number of visitors this year allowing us some great sight seeing days!  The past month has been busy for us…hence the late holiday card….we have spend many hours cleaning, building, painting our new digs.  We hope you enjoy our pictures posted in the album section.  It is not all done, but has been fun plugging away one room at a time! 
Enjoy the holidays and best wishes for 2010!
Take Care,
k & l

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2 Responses to Happy Holidays

  1. Brian says:

    What\’s the favorte place you got to see this year?

  2. K and L says:

    Of course someone would ask that…:) That is a really hard question to answer….going back to Moab was a super trip for us! Hiking to Talapus Lake was beautiful in the snow, skiing at Crystal with the sun out and great snow is also hard to beat….hmmmm…can we pick all three?

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