First day!

Today was the first weekend Crystal Mountain was open, the first time we have owned season passes in Washington (well first in 12 or so years for Keith), the first turns of our ski season, and the first day we can remember that opening conditions were as good as mid season…even for Colorado!  Washington got some early snow…Crystal opened on November 11th.  Contrary to Colorado, Washington resorts open and close depending on snow, there are no planned days of the season.  So on Monday the news stations let the cat out of the bag….Crystal will open on Wednesday.  After both having worked as ski patrollers (one of the best job we have had) we remember those first few weekends in November spent catching up with friends we hadn’t seen in a few months during the patroller refreshers including OEC. CPR, lift evac, resort opening day, and the patroller orientation.  All of these events are held at the ski area with most of us dozzing off looking outside at the snow wishing the opening day would come sooner.  From the sounds of the Crystal patrollers….they felt the same way.  But at there orientations and refreshers this year were informed that the mountain would open in a few days.  We can only imagine the excitement!  Yeah, November 11th……that is early for the Washington…at least in the last few years.
The day was great, we got some of the first tracks of the Powder bowl…our first run of the season.  If you are going to go in…why not head to the very top of the mountain.  We had great views all the way around.  The snow was that of mid season conditions…very solid although a little light in places.  At the end of the day, we realized that although it wasn’t cold we had cold teeth….well if we had stopped smiling for at least 2 minutes we wouldn’t have such cold teeth.  So remember a friendly biker has bugs in their teeth and a fun loving skier has ice on their teeth!  Tomorrows activities will be outside yet again…this time on mountain bikes under a bridge in the middle of Seattle.  Yep a full on mountain bike playground under a rather large bridge of I-5,including a small trials park, slope style park, bmx track, and a small mountain biking trail.
Enjoy the weekend!
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