Brrr….a great hike!

Last Sunday we had plans to hike an old trail Keith remembered from when he lived here in the past.  So on Sunday morning we woke up to a rainy day…one of our first rainy weekends of the "rainy season."  We remembered the Washington outdoor motto: "there is no such thing as bad weather…just improper clothing".  During the 35 minute drive to the trailhead, we notice (and both commented) on the low clouds, the rain beginning to come down in huge drops, and the snow line moving down to just above the roof of the druck.  Another 5 minutes…YUCK…WHAT IN THE WORLD ARE WE THINKING comes out of both of our mouths…but we continue to the trailhead, both aware that we are looking around and shivering already.  But both of us had cabin fever already and needed a day of fun.  We started our hike in the rain and after a few minutes realized it wasn’t raining so much in the trees.  A little farther we find some snow, then more and then more.  Before we knew it…we are in 6 inches of nice soft snow…the first snowballs of the season were made.  After a few more minutes, we reach a beautiful lake…..very quite and undisturbed.  (The pictures make it look super cold.)  The logs on the lake were covered in the seasons first snow and the lake had started to slush over.  Only the "camp robbers" were around to enjoy the sites with us for the first 15 or so minutes.  As we decided to turn around we found more and more groups of crazy people out for a hike in the rain and snow!  Not one grumpy or sad face…nothing but happy smiles on both dog and owners!  Yeah…the first day in the snow.  On the way out we build our first snowman with arms, eyes, and even hair.  I think the others will enjoy…a snowman is always a good sight!  Another lesson learned and relearned….go anyway…the weather gets better and it feels GREAT to be outside. 
Enjoy the winter season!
k & l


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