Lessons learned for biking in Washington

I have learned a few thing over the past year about biking in Washington. 
     -You can ride both a road bike and mountain bike year around, sure it may be wet on the trails, but the trails are not (usually) burried under 10 feet of snow!
     -Don’t bother finding a map when riding new trails, you will be lost within 10 minutes with or without a map!
     -On those rainy mid-winter days, find the 10 minute "sucker-hole" and go for a ride, it might rain on you or not, but you will go if you find that window of time.
     -No matter where you ride, people will always take a second look at a "roadie" in a t-shirt and baggie shorts!
     -Roots are slippery, but wet roots are just down right scary….just hold on and keep riding, you will probably make it over.
     -This goes for anywhere…mountain biking on leaves is one of my favorite activities but lesson learned today, riding a road bike on a trail covered with wet (and stinky) leaves is a very slippery ride.
     -No matter where you find me….on a hard climb, smooth downhill, nice trail, on the ground, covered in mud, bugs in my teeth, etc.  on a bike I will have a smile on my face!
Thanks for reading,
K & L 🙂

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One Response to Lessons learned for biking in Washington

  1. Brian says:

    Wet roots are the worst!

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