Seeing the Sights Part 1

Lisl’s parents have been in town for the last week (that part is Part 1….part 2 arrives in a few hours!).  We have spent the week seeing many of the sights of the Seattle area included many neighborhoods not normally seen by the general tourist…mostly due to being "lost".  The events have included the Glass Museum, Tacoma Farmers Market, The beack (and skimming of course), Pike Place, hiking on Mt. Rainier (one of the nicest days…71 degrees at the top), Museum of Flight, Puyallup Fair, "Combat Fishing" for salmon on the Puyallup River, the Locks and fish ladder in Ballard, and walking/touring the water front in Seattle.  What an eventful week.  I think her parents will need a vacation from the vacation.  PHEW!   Part 2 begins in a few hours!  Stay tuned!

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