Missoula, MT

This past weekend we went to Missoula, Montana for Grandma Newtons 100th Birthday (really on the 14th).  Abouth 40+ family members were there from all over the US to help her celebrate.  Keith was re-introduced to a number of cousins! What a great time with everyone between a picnic in the park, church service, cake and punch, numerous lunches and dinners, and drinks.  We started the trip with a nice bike ride through Missoula to the Farmers Market…only getting "lost" a few times.  Then moved on to a picnic which included great sessions of skills…frisbee, lacross, and soccer were all on display!  A number of us included a hike up to the "M" before attending church.  We all decided that the "M" really stood for Marie (grandma) rather than for Missoula as it was built when she was born…1909! Crazy!  On our rainy and stormy ride home, the sun broke through for a few hours making it a great opportunity for us to play some more!  We stopped to visit a water park for some more adventures with family!  Lazy river, high dives, a game of beach volleyball, body surfing, and water slides are what we all needed to refreshen us for another week of work.  Great adventures, family, laughs, and smiles!  HAPPY 100TH BIRTHDAY GRANDMA NEWTON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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