The Beach

We have enjoyed a wonderful sunny spring and early summer so far with lots of activities.  Last weekend we went to the beach at Seaside.  We were very lucky (and thankful) to get to stay right on the beach for the night with Keith’s parents.  What a gorgeous weekend!  We went straight to Cannon Beach for the low (minus) tide to see the sealife.  We were not allowed to crawls around Haystack like you once could do to environmental protection groups…somewhat of a bummer.  (There are two ways to look at it, but we will leave that for another discussion)  But we were able to see the edges of the pools and find a few hermit crabs, starfish, sea anemone and muscles.  See the pictures in the album.  We spent much of the time on or in the Pacific Ocean skim boarding!  We were the hit of the beach as we were the only two that could skim farther than 5 feet!  (Lots of comments that we were better than the teens!  Guess we look old!)  Keith had some 50-100+ foot skims and Lisl had a taste of the Pacific Ocean!  Yep a mouthful of the ocean at 9:00 in the morning! Burr.  It was a lot of fun to enjoy the sun, warmth, low tide, exercise, family and fun!  Too bad we had to leave to go back to work…..Darn.  I guess we will come back soon.
Now for planning the next weekend of adventures…..stay tuned for some exploration on wheels!  (We have a new book…that is all we are going to say!).
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