Early Summer Fun

The past month has flown by.  Between a week in Moab, Lisl’s bro visiting for a week, a trip to Longview and Portland, a college friend coming to visit, and bike rides mixed in with working full-time sure makes for a super fast few weeks.  It is always fun to show people where you live.  We always seem to see more and through someone elses eyes.  We took "poor-man" style tour by taking a ferry ride rather than a tour cruise to see the city from new views.  Nice trip…highly recommended.  We are now "planning" (well as much as we plan) for all the "to-do" items on our list.  We will keep you posted. 
Stay tuned!
k and l

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One Response to Early Summer Fun

  1. Brian says:

    Please show me around when I\’m in town this summer. I\’d love to see the area. 😉

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