Moab, home to Moab!

Home sweet home, at least that is what we felt like as soon as you can feel the dry heat, see the red rocks, and massive amounts of bikers.  It is such a familiar place to us…we felt that it is our home away from home….at least something very familiar to us that haven’t had too many things that familiar in a while.  Camping, hiking, biking, and soaking up the sun was our agenda!  Mission accomplished!    We rode some Moab "classics" and a few new single track train that were terrific!  We are working on planning the next trip!  We hiked through Arches and revisited a waterfall.  (We blew up a photo of the falls for a family wedding gift back a few years ago…great picture)  We had to see if the waterfall was still there and still as amazing looking with the contrast of white water, red flowers and red rocks!  It is.  Arches was just as magnificant as it always is!  On our drive to Moab, we joked about having a better chance of seeing someone we know in Moab than in the town we live…well day 1 we did see two people that we know!  Small world!  We did have a great time with an evening visit with them.
It was great fun to get a tan, ride…getting our legs and lungs back into shape, (and our butts ready for the biking season).  It feels great to hear nothing but the sounds of nature for days at a time!  Sitting on a bus/in traffic in your car was quite a shock last Monday.  We will make it through by our memories and hopes of a repeat in the somewhat future.

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One Response to Moab, home to Moab!

  1. Brian says:

    I must get there one of these years!

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