Riding fun

We have been riding more than skiing this winter.  The winter has been mostly mild, except December and until the last few days. We have been on some "group" rides and some on our own.  It is always fun to ride new trails.  The trails out here are different in many ways….less rocks and more roots.  Slippery roots!  The hills are mini and fun for winter riding….more miles on the legs and butts then just climbing.  On one of the rides we found a rather large seesaw that was newly constructed.  As others that we have seen on trails, this was about 18 inches wide made of mesh and nice wood.  The plank actually has a real base rather than balancing on a log.  Some of the guys in the group rode it and found that it was built so well that it didn’t tip very early…you felt like you were riding off the edge before it tipped.  A little scary when you are on it as it just increases your falling distance….nothing any of us want!  Well Keith and some of the other guys rode it but not all of us, some of us are still a little chicken when it comes to the "stage".  So hoping everyone would leave Lisl went to try it again….nope still too many eyes so we "had" to come back for another ride to try it again.  This time, no problem…..we rode right up to the top and over it a number of times, well on the second trip past the feature as once again a group of about 10 were all riding and taking photos.  Overcoming some of "silly" fears is one of our New Years resolution.   We have found the trails to be very fun and making for rides that keeps us going and going.   We also found a friend on the trail!  We have seen him a few times and finally had to introduce ourselves.  We included his picture. When the fresh snow melts again (hopefully mid week) we will be out again.  Maybe a night ride this week!


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