Crystal Mtn. ski trip 12-19-08

I have been watching the weather forecasts the last few days excited about the snow that is falling in the Northwest.  Friday was forecasted to be a blue sky day after days of snow.   Blue skies and with 16" of new snow at Crystal, the skiing would be great.  We packed our ski stuff just in case Lisl’s work was cancelled.  It was due to hazardous weather, funny to us after living in Colorado and dealing with feet of snow, but the lack of Washington snow plows makes a difference!  So Friday morning we headed to Crystal Mountain.  The hardest part would be getting off our hill… it did snow a bit and the road is slick and the hill is rather steep.  On the ride up the chair, we talked about a warm up run to give our legs a proper warm up for the season and as we rode the second chair drooling over the fresh tracks. We decided to go to some more fun terrain.  We explored the mountain and enjoyed fresh tracks, blue sky, light Colorado style snow (very unusual for Washington) and great turns.  We experienced the thigh burning sensation of ripping down the hill, our legs got used to the burn after the first run only to return shortly after lunch.  Over all it was an amazing day on skis.  Just what we needed.  I’ll take many more days like this!  The early season snow conditions did take a tole on Keith’s skiis. They opend up the Northway chair and during a traverse I was ripped out of my gear and sent flying. The result was major damage to my ski but I was uninjured. The photo shows the damage, the white in the photo is not snow it is the metal plate which is also scratched ! Enjoy the pictures below and stay tuned to the video when I figure it out. 



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  1. Brian says:

    Dang that looks nice! For the video, use Writer ( to create your blog post and insert the video. You can choose to insert your video within Writer and it will automatically post it to and it will appear in your blog just like your pictures. (tip: make sure to set the permission to Public when inserting the video)

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