Local travels

Lisl’s dad came for a week visit and boy did he see some stuff.  We are still relatively new to the area so we still have lots of sights to see….and took dad around.  From Pike Place (30 minutes after landing) to Canon Beach, we had a busy week.  We took dad everywhere….some funny places that Colorado just doesn’t have like Ikea, Fry’s, Cranberry Farms, and Cabellas for 2.5 hours. 
Neither of us had been to Boeing so we took a tour of the production site in Everett.  We saw the largest building in the world (at least that is what they say).  It is something like nine stories tall, .7 miles long.  We saw about 10 planes in the building.  The inside is divided into sections…..747, 777, and the new 787. Each section of the building is set up for work on that specific plane….so all materials for the 747 are in that section, bathrooms, coffe stops, restraunts!  An amazing operation.  We learned and saw where they test the planes before leaving the production site.  Who would have thought about the weight of paint or that certain colors are too heavy!
The area was getting pounded with rain so a "water chase" was on.  We went and saw river flooded over the road and the MASSIVE Snoqualime Falls.  Quite amazing….it was hard to see at times due to the mist.   It was a busy week but lots of fun.  I guess we need some more company (hint, hint) so we have excuses to see some of the bigger sites.  (I still need to go up the space needle!)  Any takers???
Have a Happy Thanksgiving!!!

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2 Responses to Local travels

  1. Brian says:

    I want to see photos of the 787!

  2. Hannah says:

    I wish I was the one out there getting the super tour. I miss you guys so much. Snow is finally accumulating around here but I’m not in any shape ski. I’ve tried a couple times but it felt horrible. I have so little sensation and control that I couldn’t do more than 5 runs each time. I’m a mess, I wish you WERE a PT and could fix me Lisl! One of these days I’ll get out there and visit. Love and miss you guys!

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