Lopez Island! an island?? flat island??

We went on another nice ride yesterday.  We have tried to ride Lopez Island (known as the flat island of the San Juan Islands) a few times and missed out due to…missing the ferry, bad weather, other events, etc. and yesterdays we finally made it.  We caught the ferry over with another 30 or so riders!  The ferry "terminal" is located at the bottome of a hill.  They send the bikers to a parking lot and allow all the cars to make it up the big hill before they allow the rest of us to go (no shoulder).  We busted up the hill before we could end up in a mob of cyclist walking up the hill.  After the lung buster (longer than we both thought!) we decided to ride the island "backwards".  We rounded the corner with no others in sight and were faced with yet another hill and nice "Bike Smart" signs!  We were off on a great ride!  We followed the signs and our map…occassionaly we tried a different route.  We could occassionaly see the water through the trees.  Hill after hill and tree after tree we weren’t sure if we were on an island…or flat island!  Not sure who said that…maybe they were in a car!  After a few dead ends and turn arounds we made it around to the village for lunch…at 3:00pm!  A little late, but well deserved.  We decided to try and catch the next ferry so once again busted our guts up the hills to the ferry, actually passing riders going up the hill.  We made it just in time! 
The ride was great…37 miles of hills, the flatest part of the ride was the distance of the ferry!  And the views of the water are not as abundant as one would expect for riding on and around an island!  I guess that is the norm for the great Northwest.  No whales today but seals, eagles, horses, and sheep!  Nice ride!

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One Response to Lopez Island! an island?? flat island??

  1. Brian says:

    Dang, that sounds nice. Our London Bikeathon was only 26 miles and a bit slower of a pace. I miss biking in the San Juan Islands!

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