Chuckanut bike ride

The week has been rainy (not usual for the NW in August) so this morning we were excited to get out.  Our destination was the farmers market in Bellingham (30 miles away) for Bavarian pretel bread.  We decided that we would cheat a little…we rode the bus for a portion!  We started a little late this morning and spun our legs so fast in order to catch the bus that both of us almost lost our breakfast on the way!  Luckily we caught the bus in time to make a fun trip.  We arrived at the Farmers market just as it opened.  4 pretzel breads and we were out!  We played around the bay for awhile before we started the 30 mile ride home…on the famous, narrow Chuckanut Road.  The sites were gorgeous all along the water.  At times it was difficult to pay attention to the road when you want to look at nothing but the views.  We lucked out being early enough in the day that we had minimal traffic. As soon as our legs stopped spinning the four pretel breads were gone in a matter of minutes…good thing Bellingham is 30 miles away or we would have headed back for more!

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One Response to Chuckanut bike ride

  1. Brian says:

    That is very cool that you can bike up to Bellingham from your place – I hadn\’t thought about that. We often go to a Saturday market here in London for good bread, cheese, and a ton of other stuff. Only by tube though, not bike.

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