Montana, Idaho, Washington in 4 days!

Monday, July 14th Grandma Newton turned 99! In honor of the event the two of us took a quick rode trip to Missoula, MT. (We met Keith’s parents there as well.) We tried to see everything we could while still making it to Missoula in one day.  We walked through the Central Washington University campus in Ellensburg.  We hiked up to the Wild Horse Monument where we were told Lisl was a small person!  We checked out Spokane for a few hours by running through town.  Shortly after we took another break and checked out the falls at Post Falls, ID where we were checked out by two marmots.  We continued on the see some moose on the Idaho/Montana border.  We really needed to get to Missoula so we figured we’d play more on the way home.  In Missoula we celebrated Grandma Newtons Birthday.  She was "the queen" for the day.  (We also snuck in a visit with Aunt Virginia.)  On our exit out of Montana we travelled north to Flathead Lake, kalispel, Kootenai Falls and suspension bridge, Coeur d’Alene (town and lake), and Moses Lake.  (I’m sure we forgot some….like Keith’s college campus visit,  deer and osprey nests, SilverMountain views/tours, Smoke Jumper tours)  It was a really fun trip.  Lost of beautiful sights. We could spend another few weeks at the same trip next time!  Lots more to see and do.

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