July 4th in WA

WOW is the 4th of July great in Washington.  We have forgotten about the laws (or lack of laws) for fireworks on Indian Reservation land.  It seems that we are surrounded by reservations and everyone on the reservations get to use great fireworks…there are amazing shows everywhere.  It is hard to tell which place to look!
We spend the 4th this year in Longview with family.  Longview has a large festival around the lake.  As part of the festival is a rather large logger competition.  The competition is similar to what one can see on the TV.  People rolling each other on logs over water (Lisl’s favorite), speed climbing, tree topping, "hot saws" (Keith’s favorite) or cross-cutting, etc.  It was fun to watch.  The events also included music band just about every hours, tents, face paintings, etc.  The Lake was busy! 
Until next time…enjoy your summer.

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