Lisl had the opportunity to work in Skagit Bay last week.  A lot was learned by all including seals, big boats, and the speed of the tides!  Day one… The tide "arrived" in a matter of MINUTES!  One minute we were sitting in a tributary looking at dirt, ten minutes later we are above the surrounding land looking at the neighboring towns of Stanwood, Mount Vernon, and developements on Whidby Isalnd.  It was strange to walk for 1/2 mile in knee deep water and never get any deeper because the tidal flats are so even for about a mile!  Day two…another part of our team got stuck on the tidal flats for over 10 hours…the tide had left in a matter of minutes leaving them stranded until the tide came back in the late evening.  Day four, we noticed a few seals playing around us.  They only show you there eyes and nose but they played around for a while.  Later in the day we saw a small tug pulling a log boom.  I noticed a splash around the log boom and figured it was a seal.  As we got closer to the logs, I noticed more lumps and more spashes.  On the log we found over 100 seals hitching a ride into the Sound for some good fish!  The seals enjoyed watching us work while they hitched a ride and caught some sun.  It was amazing to see.  Keith didn’t believe it either until I proved it with these photos.

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One Response to LAZY SEALS

  1. Brian says:

    Hey, I\’ve never experienced that! Of course, I\’ve never walked out onto Skagit Bay either, but I have seen it and I think it is one of the best areas to watch a sunset.

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