Washington for 1 Year!!

We will have been in Washington for one year now!  One year sure does go fast.  It seemes like we were just looking at everything in our house hoping that it would fit into a big truck and a small U-Haul drailer!  It did all fit but would need to be repacked just 10 miles from home!!!  Weight adjustment!  Some of the things that we have learned are:
~You can ride your bike almost year around (in CO also but not where we lived)
~It rains for full days
~The sun does come out, contrary to what people say
~20 degrees in WA does not feel like 20 degrees in CO  (more like -35!)
~Skiing in the NW CAN be great (good snow, deep powder, and small friendly bumps, steep)
~There is water everywhere!
~Driving in WA snow is not like driving in CO snow!
~You "must" have chains in your car before heading into the mountains during the winter months.
~Fresh seafood doesn’t taste like what you get in CO.   Much better!
This is just a small list of some of the things that we have noticed.  There are many more but we can’t write about them all.  It sure has been fun and interesting changing our surroundings!
Take Care,
K and L

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