Winter has arrived!

We have snow!  It has snowed in the mountain a lot in the last week…90+ inches in the last week or so at Mount Baker!  Last time we skied, we had some of the lightest and nicest snow.  The snow has been great but a majority of the time it seems that it is hard to see.  Flat light and misting conditions seem to be a norm (at least so far).  It is always interesting to suddenly feel your knees in your chest or air under our feet. It is just as funny to see others do the same.
In Colorado we had a few "got-to" places for backcountry skiing…we realized that we don’t have any of those places anymore.  We have missed the backcountry trips and are now in the hunt for a few new places.  It is always rewarding to hike for your turns!   
Happy turns…
K & L 

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One Response to Winter has arrived!

  1. Brian says:

    Earn Your Turns was always my motto, but I waited until mid-March when Hyak (Summit East) closed and would just hike up under the chair lift.

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