Lots and lots of food.  We have celebrated Thanksgiving and Christmas since we last posted a message here.  We have once again missed a few times of writing.  We have still no good excuses!  Since November (other than eating) we have started to play more outdoors.   HMMM, rainy weather and we are exploring!  We hiked a 12 mile hike to Oyster Dome and found that the place we got our information was wrong…so we hiked 12 miles to not reach our great view of the sound!  The next weekend we returned to an alternative route to find the great views of the sound.  (Little did Lisl know that when we got to the top we would find cars!  you can drive to the top!)  We have also found snow!  We have skied at Mount Baker and Mount Seymour now.  It has been fun days exploring but we seem to miss the epic powder days of SOFT snow so we are still hoping to get that this year.  We are headed to POWDER MOUNTAIN in Utah again this January!  We keep checking the website…they are just now starting to get snow.  We are hoping for a huge dump while we are there.  Pray to the powder snow gods!
We will update with pictures in the next few days.  We hope everyone reading this is happily celebrating the holidays with loved ones and also stuffed full of those wonderful cookies and chocolates of the seasons.

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One Response to Holidays

  1. Brian says:

    I am jealous that you live so close to different ski areas! It is by far the number 1 thing I mss about living in London.

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