Catch up…

Once again, time flies…yup, it is not just a saying it is true!  We last posted in September…. so here is a time laps…

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In the blink of an eye, another month has gone by.  The summer has been so nice warm (sometimes hot) and dry.  We have been busy, sometimes i wonder if it is too busy…

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Sun and Fun! =)

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Summit Lake

This weekend hiking was our choice of adventure and Summit Lake was our destination. Two of us are hurt and one sore. After some debating we decided to leave Tabby behind to let her heal. It was a little odd not to have our companion along. The five mile trail is near the Mount Rainier boundary but in National Forest providing great views without the regulations of hiking in the Park. Summit Lake was new to us and was described as a less travelled, great views, and dog friendly trail. The day included sun, friendly folks, fun dogs, lots of flowers, snow, great views, etc. A place we will return to …

And ended the day with a great sunset!

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Sorry for the pause in posts…

We aren’t really sure what happened to our blogging, but life went by. We are hoping the pictures will show what we have been up to… enjoy

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Wait, where are we???

It has been an annual trip for some friends of ours to go sea kayaking in the most northwestern part of Washington, Neah Bay. We had not been able to go until this year. The drive is gorgeous along the water for the most part. Neah Bay was new to us. We had very vague directions of where they would camp. “Brown and green tarps in the trees!” We were expecting a campsite number, letter, loop, etc…but as we stopped by the entrance we were informed that there are no campsites, just camp where you like! As we drove in we realized that people really were camped and hanging out where they wanted to. As soon as we stepped out of the van we felt like we were on an island and on island time. No leashes on dogs, everyone walking everywhere, tons of people in the water on SUP boards, kayaks, surfboards… The atmosphere was so relaxed the entire time, dogs and kids, people running amuck! We played in the water and walked on the beach for the afternoon. We enjoyed the wonderful smell and tasty meal from our campfire and sunset strolled on the beach. After dark we wandered over to watch a movie. A couple played a surf movie on the side of their white van. Everyone from all the campsites were invited over and the majority of the people were there. We watched for most of the movie then walked back to enjoy the campfire and the stars on the beach. We decided we could do this for a week month each year.  Such a chill relaxing environment.  Enjoy the pictures, it was hard to capture the ambiance. =) Happy adventuring!

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Gettin’ outside

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I guess we aren’t the best of bloggers, but when the adventures call, we go and explore! This summer most of our exploration was right in our backyard. It is fun to play at the beach, in the woods, in … Continue reading

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